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Around the Campfire with Susan: Lift Up your Spirit

On my last camping trip I would make an early morning campfire to stave off the edge of cold. I had some interesting thoughts come to mind, so decided to share my campfire and my thoughts with you.

As I sat around the crackling campfire in the early morning hours, I discovered new perspectives on finding balance in life. In this serene natural setting, it became clear to me that just as the forces of gravity constantly weigh us down, we have to make a conscious effort to lift ourselves up to counterbalance.


What we focus on grows.

It's so easy for us to focus on the negative things dragging our mood down. But out there surrounded by nature, I realized that by shifting our awareness to the uplifting aspects of life, we can lighten our perspective. Watching the campfire smoke drift upwards, seeing the low mist lift off the lake, and looking at the tall pines reach for the open sky were the perfect illustrations of this concept.

We need to make a daily practice of noticing what lifts us up rather than what weighs us down. Appreciating the people and experiences that buoy our spirit, inspire us to grow, and expand our creativity is so important for maintaining an uplifted mindset. This improves our mental health, fosters more gratitude and joy, and brings us a sense of balance.

This peaceful morning meditation around the campfire will hopefully gently shift your focus from the gravity of life to what lifts us higher amidst life's ups and downs.

Wishing you light, love and an uplifting day.

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1 Comment

Janet Stewart
Janet Stewart
Oct 29, 2023

Beautiful! Thank you so much.

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