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Tai Chi & Qi Development Workshop with Sifu Jordan Misner at Prothro Center
Tai Chi & Qi Development Workshop with Sifu Jordan Misner at Prothro Center

Mon, Mar 18


Prothro Center

Tai Chi & Qi Development Workshop with Sifu Jordan Misner at Prothro Center

A deep dive into Tai Chi, Qigong, and Standing Meditation to enhance personal health and wellness. Taught by Sifu Jordan Misner.

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Time & Location

Mar 18, 2024, 9:00 AM CDT – Mar 20, 2024, 4:00 PM CDT

Prothro Center, 269 Methodist Ln, Pottsboro, TX 75076, USA

About the event

Join us for an immersive workshop in Tai Chi, Qigong, and Standing Meditation with instructor Jordan Misner. This retreat will deepen your practice, cultivate Qi, and provide tools to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Our Tai Chi practice explores three pillars: standing meditation (Qigong), Tai Chi forms, and sensing hands exercises. Over the course of the workshop, we'll dive deep into each area and the connections between them to level up your Tai Chi abilities.

Learnings will include: 

Tai Chi - Daily Tai Chi forms to integrate concepts and to bring understanding of the foundational 13 postures of Tai Chi. 

Qigong - We will engage in Dao Yin Qigong to expand our energy and deepen our energy practice. 

Standing Meditation (SM)- Jordan will guide us into deeper nuances of SM to learn softness, stillness and experiencing the Qi gong state. The practice of softness is one of the most beneficial aspects of Tai Chi and for developing personal health.  Softness "song" is an essential element to promote and strengthen internal structure for your effective Tai Chi practice.  

Five Animals - Jordan will teach "The Bear"  of the original five animal Qigong from the Song dynasty.  This presentation of the five animal Qigong is special and a rare opportunity.  "The Bear" is fun to practice and draws together concepts presented throughout the workshop.  

The Bear will inform your Tai Chi practice.  

Hands On Practice:  We will practice gentle sensing hands and partner exercises to validate the movement of Qi energy, song and body structure.  These exercises provide an opportunity to develop improved Tai Chi structure.  They provide feedback and context for posture, movements, weight shift and energy development.  This practice will be casual and FUN.  You can always just watch if you prefer.  

In this workshop you will:  

  1. Gain an understanding of the quality "song" and true softness of structure within your body and practice
  2. Engage in deeper layers of Standing Meditation to bring your Tai Chi practice to the next level and improve your health
  3. Experience and cultivate physical Qi to enhance your Tai Chi, Qigong and Standing Meditation practice as well as your health and wellbeing
  4. Learn to use your back's internal framework to create structure and power in your movements
  5. Become keenly familiar with the kua and how the kua are used in yeilding and integration of your movements
  6. Learn how to properly weight shift in Tai Chi to create relaxed smoothness, effectiveness and enjoyment of your forms 
  7. Engage in gentle partner exercises (sensing hands and bouncing) to validate and coalesce your skills 
  8. "Bouncing" for  yeilding, structure reinforcement, issuing internal energy without force, and opening the meridians in your body
  9. Learn two additional Qigong sets which will cultivate and enhance your mind-body-breath connection
  10. Obtain a deeper understanding of the interplay of yin/yang energetics within your practice and your life

Sifu Jordan Misner Bio:

Jordan began studying Chinese martial arts in the early 1990s in Milwaukee, WI and continued his studies when he moved to Tucson, AZ in 1994. In 2004 during a visit to San Francisco a close friend introduced him to the Internal martial art practice of Zhan Zhuang, standing meditation. As a result of this discovery, Jordan sought out deeper understanding and training, and as a result he found Grandmaster Sam Tam, one of the foremost Internal Martial Artists in North America. Jordan had had the good fortune to become a close

student and friend of Master Tam serving for many years on of the Board of Master Tam’s association, Internal Martial Arts for Health, and Enlightenment.

Jordan currently teaches in Tucson, AZ at Wind River Tai Chi, Internal Martial Arts for health and enlightenment. The core of the internal practice he teaches uses Zhan Zhuang(Standing Meditation), Qi gong, partner exercises, and an older Yang Tai Chi form as the basis for increasing body/mind integration, improving health and cultivating Qi.


All meals (7 meals), lodging (2 nights)*, workshop presenter fees are included in the price.   

* You may choose to come in on Sunday night.  Please do this AFTER you register and Susan will tell you which room to reserve.  You will reserve the Sunday evening (optional) stay directly with the Prothro Center.  

Lodging and Food details: PLEASE READ

Meals begin with Monday lunch and end with Wednesday lunch. 

  • While food accommodations can be requested, it is recommended if you have food preferences or needs, you bring supplemental food to augment food choices.  Please communicate special dietary needs with your registration. 
  • Everyone is encouraged to bring water, non-alcoholic drinks of their choice, and food and snacks of their own choice.
  • There is a coffee maker, microwave and normal sized refrigerator on each floor in a common area.
  • Upstairs rooms are for double occupancy rooms.  There is no elevator.
  • Each room has a queen or king size bed, a lake view with wrap around patio, its own bathroom and shower.  There are no televisions.
  • There is wifi and cell service.
  • All linens are provided. 

Arrive : 9am Monday  

Workshop Begins @ 10 am Monday  

Lodging Check in:  3pm Monday

Lodging Check out: Wednesday @ 11am.  

Workshop Ends Wednesday @ 4pm 

A full agenda will be provided at the workshop.  

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