Flowing Mobility Tai Chi

 Live Stream Schedule:

Monday @ 10:00am - Intermediate Tai Chi - Join this class if you have taken Tai Chi with Susan for a year or more.  Chen Style Tai Chi. 

Tuesday @ 10am - Tai Chi - Generate Qi flow, stress reduction, increased balance and strength.  Yang Style Tai Chi. 

Thursday @ 10:00am - Wuji Qigong  - This class focuses on principles of movement applied to both Tai Chi and Qigong.  Movements range from very simple to more complex.  The movements generate Qi movement in the body for healing, health and stress reduction.  Open to all levels.  

Tuesday Evening @ 6:30 pm - Get some stress relief and join this evening class either via live streaming or in-person in Flower Mound.  Check to see if the class is in session prior to attempting to attend please.  

In Person Schedule:

Tuesday @ 6:30pm - Evening Stress Reducing Tai Chi and Qigong.  Held at MSU, Parker Square, Flower Mound, TX.  In person class. 

Flower Mound Senior Center:  Click HERE for classes


  • UNLIMITED Stream

    Every month
    Unlimited Live Streaming (4 classes weekly) PLUS.....
    • Attend Four Live Streaming Classes weekly
    • Class Video Archive (Over 200 videos)
    • Follow-Along Tai Chi Form Sets
    • Special Video Lessons for Members
  • Once Week Stream

    Every month
    Once Weekly Live Streaming
    • Attend One Live Streaming class Weekly
    • Special Video Lessons for Members
    • Video of all Thursday live stream classes (100+ videos)
  • Ladera Tai Chi

    Every month
    Available only to residents of Ladera Highland Village
    • IN PERSON Once Weekly class
    • Special video access/Special Lessons for Members
    • Option to attend live streaming instead
  • Evening In Person

    Every month
    IN PERSON Evening Stress Reducing Tai Chi Once Weekly
    • IN PERSON Tuesday Evening Tai Chi class
    • Access to Special Videos for Members
    • Live Streaming access as make up option
  • ALL Online Courses

    Every month
    Access to ALL Online Courses
    • Access to ALL Online Courses:
    • 1) Beginner Tai Chi Course
    • 2) 18 Easy Qigong Course
    • 3) 24 Yang Style Course
    • 4) Seated Tai Chi Course
    • Follow-Along Tai Chi Form Set Videos
  • Trinity Tai Chi

    Bring your Faith to your Tai Chi practice
    Free Plan
    • Access to special blog with weekly devotionals
Drop in Class

Give the gift of a single class  to a friend or try a class before you commit to a month of classes.  


Sample Live Streaming Class

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