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Professional Training

Master William Ting

Susan studied with Master William Ting at his studio in New Jersey,  Silver Tiger Tai Chi. He is the author of two excellent Tai Chi books, Essential Concepts of Tai Chi and Answers to Common Tai Chi and Qigong Questions.  Master Ting emphasizes the internal qualities and deep foundations of Tai Chi.  His teachings brought a rare depth to Susan's teaching and Tai Chi practice which she passes on to all of her students, regardless of level.   


On December 18, 2023, Master William Ting, my mentor and friend, passed away. He has left an incredible hole in my, and many others', heart and life.

He was a small statured man but huge in all other his masterful teaching, his unlimited insight, his booming deep laugh; rich with sincerity, and his desire to see all achieve a greater meaning to the art of Tai Chi and ...and to life.

He was incredibly intelligent and was dedicated to the difficult task of conveying the subtlety and depth that the true art of Tai Chi brings to one's life.

He taught about the importance of "Wuji"....a place of emptiness where we find fulness.

Master Ting....although we feel empty now, I know your essence will continue to fill us forever.


Master William Ting

 RIP December 18, 2023


About Flowing Mobility and Susan

Susan Thompson, OTR is an Occupational Therapist and dedicated Tai Chi instructor.  She founded Flowing Mobility Tai Chi to share the health benefits of Tai Chi.  She continues to teach hundreds of local students as well as thousands of international students online.   

Susan also offers Tai Chi workshops for physical therapists and individuals interested in deepening their Tai Chi knowledge and skills.  


She is a superb teacher who makes Tai Chi accessible to all.  




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