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Tai Chi Essential Principles

You might have heard that there are many "secrets" in Tai Chi; key principles or essentials that have been withheld from the common student and reserved only for the serious, most accomplished "closed door" students.  This tradition was held for many years to withhold the true powers of Tai Chi from China's dictators and oppressors. 


The true essentials of Tai Chi were secretly passed from family member to family member, generation after generation.  These principles are hidden; they are not easily seen.  They can not be learned merely through observation. They are what we consider internal aspects of Tai Chi. 


As history has progressed, true Tai Chi Masters and Grandmasters realized if they do not share these secrets; these hidden aspects of Tai Chi, then the true depth and art of Tai Chi will be lost.  The internal is finally being revealed. 

In these blog posts we are attempting to consolidate and disseminate these essential internal principles of Tai Chi for all to learn, no matter what the level of the Tai Chi practitioner.  

Read.  Learn.  Practice.  Play.  Comment.  Most of all, know that you have a beautiful gem in your life: Tai Chi and Qigong. 

Articles and Videos Essential Tai Chi Principles:

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