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Finding the best Tai Chi Instructor

If you are here on Susan's website and have found Susan, then you need not look any further for the best Tai Chi instructor!  However, if you are unable to access her live streaming Tai Chi classes or in person classes, here are a few tips for finding the best Tai Chi instructor:


There can be a wide range of Tai Chi instructors.  While there is no "right" or "wrong" way to teach Tai Chi, the following are some suggestions in what to look for: 

  1. Make sure they are, indeed, teaching Tai Chi!  Many instructors say they are teaching Tai Chi when they are teaching something entirely different, or are teaching some "hybrid" exercise form.  Familiarize yourself with Tai Chi enough to know the difference.

  2. Being certified to teach Tai Chi is not a good determinator of a qualified teacher.  In the world of true Tai Chi practitioners and Tai Chi instructors, certification means nothing.  Most who study Tai Chi in depth realize it is a lifelong journey and certification is merely a piece of paper.  Be wary of those who get "certified" in a weekend!!  Tai Chi is far too complex to learn in a weekend.  

  3. Make sure they are SAFE!  Use your good judgment.  If you think they are having participants do things that are not in the comfortable range of motion for the average student or for your body, then don't do it!  Don't just blindly trust.

  4. They should be TEACHING the movements, not just having students follow along.

  5. They shouldn't talk a lot.  There should be more movement than talk.

  6. They should have a sense of humor and make it fun.  Tai Chi doesn't have to be all serious and no laughter!

  7. There should be absolutely NO criticism of students. 

  8. They should limit physical contact or request permission before touching during correction or instruction.  They should always be gentle in their physical guidance.  

  9. The very best Tai Chi instructors are humble.

  10. The very best Tai Chi instructor teaches internal principles of Tai Chi...not just the movements. 


The best determination of whether you have found the best Tai Chi instructor for you, is you should leave class uplifted, invigorated, refreshed, inspired and excited to learn more.  If you do not feel those things, then I encourage you to keep looking for the best Tai Chi instructor for you!  And don't forget to give me a try through my live streaming Tai Chi classes and my Qigong classes!

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