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What is "Qi?"

Qi is the ultimate goal of Tai Chi.  We can practice Tai Chi and learn the external movements, but if we do not affect the internal, then Tai Chi class is merely an exercise class.  In Susan's live streaming Tai Chi classes and in-person classes, she always emphasizes the internal aspects of Tai Chi, which is to cultivate Qi.  

Qi is the life force in us and all around us.  It is a life energy.  All things have energy.  We have bioelectric energy running through our body as well as around our body.  The more "Qi" we have, the more vital we are, the stronger our immune system, our mental and physical balance.  

The movement in Tai Chi and Qigong were created thousands of years ago with a knowledge and understanding of Qi.  Each movement has a balance of opposites, which, like two batteries positioned in opposite polarities, creates energy.  This energy, is Qi!  

Individuals in Susan's live streaming Tai Chi classes, and her Wuji and Shibashi Qigong classes, all feel Qi.  Usually the first sensation of Qi you will have is in your hands.  They will begin to get warm and tingle.  Eventually, as you cultivate and grow your Qi through Susan's live streaming Tai Chi classes and Qigong classes, you will begin to feel Qi in more aspects of your body...and even your life.  

There is no end to how big you can expand your Qi.  And as you do, you are connecting your Qi to all the Qi around you.  

Interestingly, Qi also means "breath."  In greek it is expressed as "pneumo" which in the Bible means Holy Spirit.  

Tai Chi classes and Qigong classes enhance our Qi so that we feel more connected to the grander scheme of things.  We are calmer, more balanced both mentally and physically.  Qi also sends creates a stronger natural electrical current through our body which has definitive healing properties.  For example it is found when the mitochondria of your cells are stimulated by electrical impulses, they get to work repairing and restoring cellular function.  

Join Susan's live streaming Tai Chi classes and her Wuji Qigong and Shibashi Qigong classes to get your Qi flowing! 

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