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Trinity Tai Chi: Fullness within Emptiness

“For we walk by faith, not by sight .

We are of good courage and confident hope, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be home with the Lord.”

2 Corinthians 5:7-8 AMP


Let’s take a look at the first part of this scripture: Doesn’t this echo of the essence of Quantum Physics (and also Tai Chi classics)? The atom is 99.9999999% space, and in its original state it appears as a nebulous cloud of energy. However, when the observer LOOKS at the atom, the .0000001% particle collapses into a mass - a form, matter; into something we can see and observe. When the observer looks away? It returns back to energy, back to potential.

This cloud of energy - the atom, creates ALL things we can see, touch, hear, feel with our senses. It creates the world we know and experience. This cloud of energy has the potential to create anything. There are possibilities beyond anything we can imagine.

Placing ourselves into emptiness —This is FAITH.

Faith in God is not based on the collapsed particle of observation of what we can see, but rather it is turning our observations away from the obvious and towards God’s creative energy; an emptiness full of potential. This is fullness!

Is it not ironic, that the world is made up of 99.999999% of things we can not see? The NOT obvious? And yet, we focus on what we know; the .0000001%.

Take a look at this vase.

On first glance, to the observer it may appear empty. It is not. As we know it is filled with air. Even though we can not see it, taste it, feel it, smell it or hear it, we know air is in there, filling that vase.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if our faith in God’s energy which fills us, was as confident as our faith I the presence of the air that fills this vase?!

Now imagine that we fill that vase with something we can see, feel, hear (we do this all the time in our lives). Let’s fill this vase with small pebbles or rocks; each rock representing something in our lives that we can see, hear, feel, touch, purchase, acquire, strive for, obtain, lose, modify, have power over. Okay? Here we go:

There. Now doesn’t that feel better? We have something tangible we know is there!! The empty vessel is now filled. And look, there are more rocks to fill it with…how exciting!

Ah…but pick it up. See how heavy it is? All this is matter - the stuff which we can see - it is HEAVY energy! These things we choose to fill our lives and awareness with weighs us down.

And look - is there still air, empty space for other potentialities? Well yes, but there is far less room for energy to reside. So now we are placing our faith on the the things we can see and feel, but in the process we move further away from faith, from potential outcomes we have not even thought of, that, even more importantly, are highly more effective than our own choices. We become reliant on the obvious rather than the possibilities.

Now let’s put this in the context of our body and our mind. Imagine that our body and mind is just like that vase. Since our body and mind directs our choices, perceptions, pursuits and desires, our body and mind ultimately has the power to create our life as the way it IS.

What if, we empty our body and mind of our own thoughts, desires, opinions, beliefs and pursuits? What if we become like that empty vase? This can be scary to some because you are leaving all that you know. You are stepping into an unknown.

However, when we empty our mind and body we make room for GOD and we then reside in faith. Like the air inside the vase, we can be filled with the energy, the possibilities. The possibilities far more than we could ever imagine ourselves. Opening ourselves up to the possibilities instead of the known, is an act of faith in GOD instead of exercising faith in matter.

How do we do this?

This is what we practice when we do Wuji Qigong or Tai Chi. We let go of the chatter in our brain, and create awareness of all that surrounds us and is in us. We expand our awareness into the space, into the 99.99999999% of that which we can not see. Let’s look at the second half of the scripture:

.".we are of good courage and confident hope, and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home in the Lord.”

We need to be absent from our body in order to be home with the Lord!

Many people may interpret the “absence from the body” as a description of death. But I believe we are being instructed to leave our body (and our worldly concerns/objects) while we are ALIVE. In other words, place our awareness in the 99.99999999%, where God reside and creates.

We become absent from our body by going beyond our physical and mental self. We shift our awareness away from our pains, vanities, worries, appearances, diets, supplements, medications, treatments, desires, materialism, disappointments and struggles, and we fill our body with emptiness (Wuji), allowing space for God’s energy to enter us. We empty ourselves, like the vase is empty.

The best and easiest way to accomplish this, is to place our mind on the space around us and pair this with an elevated emotion (love and gratitude).

Then we are filled with Qi. Once filled what we perceive as emptiness, this is where the possibilities go beyond our own understanding. We are filled with the higher frequency, the creative energy of God and are no longer pulled down by the heavy earthly matters of humanity and self.

To be with God, we must first let go, empty our vessel. We change our focus and awareness away from our own mind and body and instead, into the emptiness, the space all around us, and in us. Then we make room to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the energy of God.

In this, we are complete (full) in Faith.

Possibilities abound.

The true goal of Tai Chi and Qigong is not the external (external focus = the rocks in the vase) of how we look, are we correct, can we push someone off center with our power, is our technique effective, are we good enough, do we look beautiful as we move through our Tai Chi. No. The true goal of Tai Chi and Qigong is to simply let go of all of that. To shift our “selves” away from the external, and simply reside in the vast space of emptiness.

Cultivate that, and everything else will fall in place.



Empty me

So I can be filled

With your creative power



Movement: Open/Close

While performing this simple movement, place your awareness in the space in between your fingers, your forearms, your upper arms, across your chest, above you, below you, behind you, to the sides of you. Now allow all that space to expand..then you simply follow it. Your arms will feel as though they are floating and being pushed apart by this expanding space. You do not direct it, you follow it. Continue to place your awareness on the space, not your arms or body. When you close the arms, feel as though the space around you is swirling even bigger. There is no collapsing, no compressing of the space around you, only expansion.

To take it to another level, add a feeling of gratitude to your awareness of space. Imagine being open to all possibilities and of letting go of your own ideas and ideas. As the space expands, you become the empty vase, ready to receive extraordinary potentials!

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