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Wuji Qigong & Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi

Develop internal principals through Wuji Qigong and Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi.  These classes are being provided to support Master William Ting, Silver Tiger Tai Chi and his students during Master Ting's teaching break. 


The Wuji Qigong class is taught by Susan Thompson and the Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi class is taught by Joe Eber. 


WuJi Qigong Classes: Tuesdays at 10am CST 

Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi classes: Saturdays at 10am CST

Wuji Qigong class: 


Wuji Qigong deepens all aspects of your Qigong and Tai Chi practice.  Learn internal principles through these movements to increase Qi flow, improve your Tai Chi posture and increase both external & internal power.  Taught by Susan Thompson Tuesdays at 10am CST. 

Wuji Qigong Live Stream Plan 
Live Stream PLUS plan (video access)


Drop in class option is discouraged, but available.  In order to develop your skills, consistent attendance is recommended.  If you are unavailable or will miss some classes, please consider the PLUS plan which gives you the option to view the class video on your own schedule.  Click Register above to sign up for the PLUS plan.  

Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi class: 


Wu Ji Jing Gong is Tai Chi based on the Wuji Qigong movements.  This class, taught by Joe Eber, is held on Saturdays at 11am EST.  Further advance your internal practice with this Tai Chi form set.  

Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi Live Stream Plan 
Live Stream PLUS plan (with videos)
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