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How to Generate Power in Tai Chi by Circling the Kua

What happens at the end range of our movement is important. It is there that we redirect an opponent's force . It is also where we gather momentum for moving the other direction. What is your movement toward your end range, right before you change direction? Is it squared off and linear, or is it fluid, expanding and circular?

Often times when I begin teaching the concept of "circling the Kua" students lose their pelvic trim, allowing their hips to tip and sway like a salsa dancer. The circling of the Kua is much more subtle. It is more internal, and should not be overtly seen once mastered.

This video teaches how to begin learning how to circle the Kua without losing postural integrity and while maintaining body connectivity. I hope you enjoy adding this important dimension to your Tai Chi and Qigong movements!

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