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On Spreading Light Christmas Day and Everyday

When I was a child, I loved singing “This Little Light of Mine.”  What a simple tune, yet truly profound message.

This Little light of mine, 

I’m going to let it shine.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. 

Can you hear it?

As I reflected this morning on that simple song, I envisioned a candle, sitting solitary in a darkened room.  That single flame filled the space with its unwavering glow.  Even when a cold breeze came and seemingly extinguished the flame, the wick continued smoldering, and eventually reignited to cast its warm, comforting light once again.   

Like that lone candle in a dark, light pierces all shadows.  And that is surely something to celebrate! Because light is always with us. 

The qualities of light are miraculous and hard to define: Light is faster than any other wave.  Light is weightless and yet so powerful it can cut through the hardest stone.  Light brings us warmth. Light gives us vision. Light is silent but always present.  We really can’t touch light, but it touches us in unseen ways.  

Light simply is.  Light is the essence which gives us hope and illumination for taking the next step.  We are surrounded by light perhaps as a constant reminder to recognize the light in ourselves and others.  The moon, the sun, the stars piercing the darkest night skies…..all reminders.  

The beauty is we all can spread light. A smile is contagious, and so too light spreads easily. First, as the song says, let your own shine. And then… set it further aglow by touching and igniting others.  

Light grows with gentleness, patience, compassion, understanding, with providing hope, expressing faith…

and the most powerful light of all is……love.  

This holiday season, let your light shine, let it shine, let it shine! 

Wishing you and your loved ones much peace, understanding and joy during this holiday season and new year ahead. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  

With gratitude, 


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