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Connecting with Your Eyes Open; Trinity Tai Chi Lesson

This Trinity Tai Chi lesson is about changing your energy during the day, within your environment so that you are not repeating your emotional habits from your past. You will be given specific movements and strategies to change your energy and sustain it into your current environment.

In previous sessions and in my meditation workshops you have learned how to change your energy while meditating. Now you will take your meditation practice to a different paradigm; the ability to change your energy in the moment, without the need to close your eyes and meditate. By doing so, you connect to God, to love and to higher energy. Once you reflect that new energy outward, you are connected. Now you can step into your current environment and maintain your new energy. You have become the branch to the Vine - John 15:4-6).

Once you are able to take the skills you learned while meditating into your waking life, your environment begins change, reflecting your new energy.

In this video you will learn four Qi building and connecting strategies to improve your energy.

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