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Inward Supports Outward (not the other way around); Trinity Tai Chi

We tend to focus on the outward expression around us. However, our reality was created, by God, from nothingness. Our external world is a ruse that often confuses and misguides us. To truly meet with God, we need to move to the inward expression of God, not to the external aspects of our experiences. We need to feel, realize, and sense Him inside of us; within the very breathe of us.

In Tai Chi, the inward supports outward. This is also true of faith.

This Inward vs Outward concept also reflects the contrast between the Old Testament and the New. The New Testament is working from within us, through the Holy Spirit that has been placed in us, rather than the Old Testament of external laws governing us.

Tap into your internal energy. It is where God resides. Let go of your "self." Enter into the nothingness. Be in this perfect place to commune with God. It takes faith. But there you will discover a new freedom and wondrous, beautiful creation of life together.

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