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Tai Chi Principle: Giving and Receiving 101

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The concept of giving and receiving, both in life and during our movements is essential for balance and the proper practice of Tai Chi. As usual with #TaiChi, the obvious is not the obvious! If we place our mind and awareness on the obvious, then we become out of balance and effort-ful. Giving and receiving is like that. For example, if we think the outer most arm is "delivering" or "giving" the strike then we are already out of balance before we even move!

When we start #learning the #TaiChi concept of giving and receiving, we need to be aware of which arm or side of the body is giving and which is receiving. It is almost always the opposite of what you think....of the obvious.

Later, when you become more refined, the giving and receiving throughout your body divides into ever smaller units throughout the body and becomes more refined, more subtle.

Here is a short video on applying the internal concept of giving and receiving on a basic "101" level

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