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Trinity Tai Chi: Soul-Full-ness in repeated practice

In this video we discuss how to be present and searching during our prayers, our meditation and our Tai Chi practice. Often times, because we are creatures of habit, we move through the motions without thought or presence of mind. At this point, what we are engaging in is not a meaningful practice.

In his book, #Blink , Malcom Gladwell discusses what is required to become an expert. Through is research he found that one must practice 10,000 hours to truly master a complex skill. The often overlook point, however, is the quality of the 10,000 hours of practice. It must be a focused practice, not just a engagement of the 10,000 hours with meaningless repetition.

The crux is when we repeat an activity, we begin to form habits. Habits are often mind-less. It is part of human nature to become mindless when we have repeated something many times. We must overcome the patterns and habits that repeated practice engrains in us. Instead, we should strive to overcome this side-effect of repeated practice by listening to our words, sensing and being aware of our movements, and ever seeking to deepen our understanding.

We have to work to keep fresh. We need to be ever searching.

This Trinity Tai Chi lesson is based on the scripture Matthew 6: 7 - 13 where Jesus tells us how to (and how not to) pray.

There is a pray-full Qigong movement at the end.

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