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Trinity Tai Chi: Lesson 12- Prayer Life; Part 2

Trinity Tai Chi Prayer Life.  Mark 11:24 Dr. Joe Dispenza formula.  Meditate and give gratitude as if you have already received them.  Joe Dispenza's formula for creating a new life.  Be divine.  Becoming supernatural.
Believe you have received

“For the reason I am telling you, whatever things you ask for in prayer [in accordance with God’s will], believe [with confident trust] that you have received them, and they will be given to you.”

Mark 11:24 AMP


Dr. Joe #Dispenza has a “formula” for making changes in your life. The primary feature of this formula is to convince your mind and body thought repeated practice in meditation, that your desires, your best self, has already happened.

In other words, you are to practice feeling the joy, the gratitude of your prayers already having been answered. You are not to get up from your meditation until you truly feel as though your prayers are already answered. You can’t get up wanting, hoping, wishing. You must get up with the joy and gratitude of prayers answered.

This is an act of #faith.

In this #formula, you can not rely on your outer word or your sense to validate your prayer. Our outer world only confirms where we are in this time and place not where can be, or are in another time and place.

Most people have a cause/effect understanding with #happiness and #fulfillment: “When I achieve……., I will finally be happy.” “If (so and so) would only do (this and that), I would be happy.”

In truth this only puts us in a cycle of the same place of separation and victimization instead of placing us as creator of our life. When we think this way, we are giving away our God given energy to that person, thing or want. We are riding a train that has no alternative path other than the on it is on.

We are human. Naturally we rely on our senses and our external world to try and figure things out. But that isn’t what God wants us to do. He wants us to connect internally to His energy. That is why he sent Jesus to us. To relate to us in our world, but to show us another world, another way. One full of the highest of energy that can transcend all things, even death. We do not connect o God in the external world. We connect to God internally.

Tai Ch teaches us it is the differences between the external and internal. The internal is where we can effect change, efficiently and miraculously.

I believe in this scripture, Jesus is telling us exactly how to pray. He is telling us to go internally, to see and ask for the best version of our life, of ourselves. To feel it deeply, to see it and experience it internally as if it has already happened: “…believe that you have received them.” Not that you will “will receive them!”

Note things Jesus did NOT say:

  • He did not say - believe that you will receive them——but that you already HAVE received them.

  • Or that they MAY be given to you …or

  • A VERSION of it will be given to you.

His only caveat is to ask for it in prayer. And prayer is that place where we are no one, no place, no time, no agenda….…nothing but thought and energy.

If you are asking from an internal place filled with sincerity and gratitude, then you are praying from a place of God’s will. It will be done.

If you are feeling, experiencing and sensing from within that it has already happened, then you are going to have prays answered


Because you are praying from a place of FAITH. Not want. Not victimization. Not separation. Not of being small but of being divine. Creating with God.


Help me to have so much faith

In prayer

That I sincerely give thanks

For what has not yet happened.



Help me to have so much faith

In prayer

That I sincerely give thanks

For what has not yet happened.


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