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Trinity Tai Chi: The Law of the Harvest

This is part of a series which brings your Tai Chi practice into the context of the Bible, God and Scripture. In this audio recording I discuss the Law of the Harvest or the Law of Gradual Progress.

All good things require discipline, gradual progress and the development of solid fundamentals. Building our Tai Chi skills should be approached in this manner, gradually, with patience and kindness toward ourselves. We should enjoy the journey rather than force a timeline or a skill level upon ourselves. We can not expect ourselves to have a high level of skill right away!

As with Tai Chi, or music, or any skill and talent, we need to cultivate, grow and be present when we practice. In this manner, we grow to deeper levels. We should also apply the concepts of the law of gradual progress to building our faith and practice of prayer.

This video discusses Luke 11:9-13 where Jesus encourages us to be persistent in our prayer. We also discuss that prayer can come in many forms, one of which is your Tai Chi and Qigong practice!

I hope you enjoy these thoughts on the joining of Tai Chi and Scripture into one practice.

If you do, please consider joining my Trinity Tai Chi membership (it is free) by subscribing here: You will have access to more Trinity Tai Chi blog entries audio discussions.

Thank you, and enjoy the journey. Be persistent and consistent!

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