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What to Look for in a Good Tai Chi Teacher

Susan discusses 7 qualities of a good Tai Chi teacher. Start here to look for a good Tai Chi teacher. Learn how to discern between a Tai Chi teacher that is actually doing Tai Chi and knows how to teach Tai Chi. Enjoy!

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2 kommentarer

I have been working with you via U Tube for a couple of years. Your method of teaching is so patient and filled with tips to enhance my understanding of the “move” and concept. I start every morning with your warm-up it sets me on the right footing and frame of mind, I'm looking forward to more Tai Chi with you for years to come.


Rhode Island

Synes godt om

When I started teaching last year I created a YouTube playlist to share with my beginning students in an effort to encourage them to enhance their practice and enjoyment of tai chi. I have included a couple of your videos which they appreciate. Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge with us.


South Carolina

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