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The following are unsolicited testimonials on Susan's teaching and the power of having Tai Chi and Qigong in one's life.  

Shirley's Story

May 30 - July 5

Saturday, June 10, 2023


For Susan Thompson, Tai Chi Testimonial


Every morning at 6:00 a.m., I go to the pups' sleeping crates. I take them outside simultaneously, two leashes, the type with molded handles, retractable . . .  


This morning—Phoenix and Priscilla are in their crates, awake, yawning. They exit and wait as leashes are attached. We approach the door. I prepare to open it with one hand while holding both leashes in the other. Phoenix is walking a little ahead, to the side. But before we get to the door, he suddenly moves directly in front of me and stops dead, not an inch of space between us. I am already leaning forward into my next step. I know three things: 

  • I am going to fall. 

  • I am going to fall hard on little Phoenix and cause him great harm. 

  • Tai chi!


As if a lightbulb turned on, the thought filled my mind, like one of those cartoon shapes that often say, "Bam!" But this one said, "TAI CHI!"


It happened so fast. Not enough room to lift your foot. Shift your weight! And that was all. I merely adjusted. Subtle but powerful. I didn’t realize I could do that before tai chi. 


My heart was pounding. I know my eyes were wide. But I didn't fall. I didn't hurt Phoenix. Deep breath. We proceeded outside. 


Tai chi infuses, enhances, the lives of your students, Sufi Susan. Thank you for all you do.


Shirley Miller Kamada

Janice's Insights

I've been studying your principles of tai chi videos. First, let me tell how excellent  they are. I've only studied two so far and I already recognize the wealth of knowledge and information they hold. I have so much to learn. It almost (almost) makes me feel overwhelmed,  but when I notice the contracted feeling of overwhelm, I practice expanding my attitude, softening my grip on trying to aquire knowledge.  I do what mother Teresa  suggested we do when we are trying to help people (or animals)---we help "one, one, one." We focus on what is right in front of us with all our heart.


So I am at the beginning, working  on my tai chi stance, trying to apply the principles  to my seated position, and songing my body while I do commencement form. That's  it for today. I've barely scratched the surface and there is already so much to absorb, integrate, and put into practice. 


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your dedication to tai chi. It seems you don't just DO tai chi, but you've  BECOME chi-in-motion. Thank you for sharing so generously. 


Janice Bisset


If you want to learn more about Susan, or have her bring Tai Chi, Qigong and Healing Qi into YOUR life, corporate entity, retreats or association please contact her directly. 


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