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Flow like Water: Living an Easier Life by Letting Go

Many times in our practice (and in life) we have the belief, the more we exert ourselves, the more successful we will be. Life adages such as "work harder" only add to this belief system. Tai Chi teaches us another way. By gently accepting where we are on that given day, we can open up our awareness and take a gentler, more effective approach to success.

Water is often used as a metaphor in Tai Chi. It is used in the Bible, in Taoism philosophy, in writings by Lao Tzu, and many others. Why is water a consistent metaphorical presence? Perhaps it is because water shows us the way of a balanced life.

Water flows, it bends, it is soft, yet can be hard. It is yielding and yet can carve through mountains. It can be touched, and yet we can immerse ourselves in it. It swirls, it crashes, it vibrates, and ripples outward.

Water can be placid or torrential. It can appear as one essence on the surface and have quite another power underneath.

And water....ALL humans must rely on to survive.

Water gives us life.

It is in our air, and inside all living things. Water is part 70% of the earth and 70% of our body. Every cell in our body is dependent upon water for function and to maintain a highly precise homeostasis. Water is the ONE thing that is common to ALL living things.

We cleanse and purify with water. We nourish our bodies with water.. We even create from water; we create drinks such as teas, coffees, wines. We created our first tools from a combination of clay, stone and water.

We even play in water. We can find peace simply looking at a body of water.

Water is life giving and is the very model of possibilities of living.Is it no wonder that WATER is the most used metaphor? Water really is spectacular. And we are so intricately connected to water.

But we have forgotten. We have lost sight of how to live. How to flow, how to be nourished.Even when we have WATER all around us. Integral to our lives.

To remind us.

Tai Chi helps us reconnect to the traits of water, the qualities which

sustains and nurtures us.

Tai Chi teaches to flow, not fight.

To move with the current, not against it.

To work less, but achieve more.

To move like water, to be yielding yet powerful. To flow by following the momentum without it overtaking you. To move like water, to be yielding yet powerful. To flow by following the momentum without it overtaking you...

both in Tai Chi and in LIFE.

The more you let go and flow like water, the more of a natural state you become.

Just like Water.

Be like Water.

Do Tai Chi. Please subscribe and watch free videos here:

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