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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that today, no matter what your circumstances, you a have moment of repose. And in that moment you feel and recognize a spark of hope, and of joy.

Perhaps it will present itself as a shared Thanksgiving meal, or in the touch of an understanding hand, or in the presence of a sunset/sunrise, stars, moon or the colored Fall leaves. It might present in a tender, poignant moment with a friend/family (or even pet), in a quiet meditation, in Tai Chi; in the communion with a higher source.

Regardless of how it comes to you, I hope you can allow your heart to swell with gratitude, even if only briefly, because that is the stuff of life.

Like Tai Chi, we can nurture these moments of joy and gratitude with practice and awareness. Over time and with intention, they can become something which permeates your life, expanding beyond your immediate circumstances or environment.

This my wish for you.

I am grateful for you....for adding to my life and to my Tai Chi journey in your own unique way, whether you are currently taking Tai Chi from me or not. I am so very grateful for my health which was dramatically taken from me three years ago. I now feel restored and joyful for being Susan again. I am thankful for my current Tai Chi community and the beauty it brings to my life every day. And heart is swelling!

What are you grateful for? Please take a moment, meditate on those things and allow your heart be filled.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Each and every day.

With gratitude,

Tai Chi Susan

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