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Opening Your Ming Men Point; the Life Gate

This is a short five minute Tai Chi lesson on how to open up the Ming Men point. The Ming Men point is the area of your lower back directly opposite of your Dan Tian. Some refer to it as the Life Gate.

Most people misinterpret what to do with this area. They create a "C" shape with their torso by severely tucking under the tailbone. This concept of tucking the tailbone is most often overly executed and misunderstood. When done in this fashion, it collapses the torso, lungs, internal organs and offsets postural alignment.

This brief video walks you through some simple strategies to find the "sweet spot" in your Tai Chi stance by gently opening the Ming Men point through positioning of the lower and middle Kua, rather than focusing on the tail bone. When done correctly you will feel an expanded presence. You will have good alignment, feel rooted and effort-less. Your low back will open naturally and gently. You will feel marvelous!

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Please contact me directly if you would like a mentorship, private lessons or to participate in my live streaming classes. Contact Susan Thank you for watching!

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