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Point of Axis; Trinity Tai Chi Lesson

In Tai Chi it is important to be aware of an axis around which you rotate. This is true in life, and in our faith as well. In times of stress, we tend to bring our axis point within ourselves. This only creates more stress! We come smaller, less powerful and more effortful.

Instead we need to move our point of axis outside of ourselves. In doing so, we become more energy and less matter; larger, and more effective in making change. Placing our center point, or point of axis outside ourselves allows us to enter into God's word (or world..domain) where His energy resides. And in that place we find peace.

Join Susan in this discussion and move through two easy Qigong movements to practice moving your point of axis from inside yourself, to outside yourself. By moving your body and axis point, you can physically feel the change in your awareness. Having this physical experience helps us to understand, practice and execute changing our point of axis in life. Changing your point of axis in life will increasing your energy, improve your connection with God and His universe, and bring you increased peace throughout your day.

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